Diary Entry #1 2008

There it is. There again, that sound. I can hear it but decide to ignore it, I don't like being woken up from my sleep. Clang. I hear it again and now my eyes open without me trying. I try to adjust my vision to the darkness around, it's still the night but why is... Continue Reading →


So, I have been in a constant dilemma of whether I should write this or not?, whether I should post that blog or not? Because once I wrote it and blogged about it here, I know at the very least it will reach some people. It wouldn't be nice of me to post something with... Continue Reading →


I wonder if there are people who don't have fights, or maybe just the silly bickering with their siblings. The relationship we have with our siblings is quirky. The arguments arise without it being our intention and things settle down without any exertion. It's like the bittersweet dark chocolate that we love even though there's... Continue Reading →


2020, the year of tragedy no one was anticipating nor did I. Turning 20 this year and academically I would be in the third year of university. I had a lot of good expectations, I wished to fulfil my resolutions as planned. Despite looking like a very good omen year 2020, it turned out to be the worst... Continue Reading →


The sky cleared upafter a whole night of pouringopened the window in the morningmade me realise the world is still worth the yearning! There's often this sense of freshness in the next morning after a previous night of heavy rains which assures you that the following day is going to be the same, fresh and... Continue Reading →

Monsoon Nap

The cold air in the room of a town which could reach 40°C temperature feels like a miracle. Yes, the monsoon rains have arrived and the town has cooled down from the wrath of Summer. These days are amazing unless you have a predisposition to catching a cold. The temperature of the surroundings is just... Continue Reading →

We grow up to be Oblivious!

As kids, we observe our surroundings, since it's a given fact that growing up kids have curious minds and are in a constant process of learning about new things. And the process also includes questioning. Children do question strange things, not only me remembering things about my own childhood, but I have also witnessed my... Continue Reading →


I often have this conversation with my mom as to what are the best ways to handle situations related to parenting, and I love debating it with her. I am the eldest among us siblings with a younger brother and a sister, so I usually end up giving in my contribution to decision making regarding... Continue Reading →

Childhood Dreams

I wished a prince with blue eyes just like the skiesWould come to recuse me from the risque of my lifeI wished one day there wouldn't be life's hustle in the castle  of my dreamsI wished for many but I got noneNow I'm grateful to the fairies who didn't pity meCause now I wish to... Continue Reading →

Being Happy

I remember reading somewhere "Being happy is a choice" and I utterly believe in it! Being happy is a choice, not an option which others let you have. Being happy should be your way of expressing your love for yourself. Me talking all high and mighty about making ourselves happy is not the confidence I... Continue Reading →

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